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Building a good CI/CD pipeline can take some time. The pipeline is very interesting for larger projects because it automates going from local development to a staging and/or production environment. It also facilitates the teamwork between developers. So all in all... CI/CD, it has a lot of advantages. 

Even on smaller projects, it is interesting to build a decent pipeline... A smaller project usually means smaller budget. Which pipeline can a developer quickly set up for a small project ? ... Enter PM2 deploy!

NodeJS process manager - the PM2 logo
NodeJS process manager - the PM2 logo


PM2 is a process manager for NodeJS. It does this quite well because it has very interesting features. Features such as : zero downtime reloads, max memory reloads, monitoring & log management, hot reload, cluster mode, ... and off course deployment worflow.


CI/CD is an abbreviation of Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (or Delivery).

Integration is usually automated testing and deployment is is often referred as going from a local environment to a staging and production environment. Even though I won't say much about version control systems, it is an important part of CI/CD.