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The more opinionated, the more attention. What happened to KISS?
- Tech social media
New year, new goals: Learn TypeScript a bit better and create a type-coercion library.
- Typed languages
I'd like to run one or two ultra marathons in 5-6 months... Training starts NOW.
- Running
Having a clear plan is key to success. Changing your website is just a small part in what should be a bigger plan to improve.
- SEO & Marketing
The pace and pressure in development is sometimes excruciating... It is not a walk in the park and I like it.
- Development
Do not assume 3rd party libraries are going to be micro frontends ready.
- Micro frontends
Using a password manager should be much more important than a mandatory password rotation cycle.
- Tech & IT
Amazed with the joy I have working in Flutter. IDE integration, performance, learning curve... It is all excellent.
- Mobile apps