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I kinda like JavaScript.
(and I hope the name never changes, because my intro just would not make any sense)

my name is...

Jos De Berdt

and I'm a

front-end developer

Where do I use JavaScript?

  • NodeJs
  • Express
  • Adonis
  • PM2
  • RTC / Sockets
  • Native JavaScript
  • EcmaScript (ES6)
  • React
  • Svelte
  • Redux
  • Micro front-ends
  • Service Workers
Desktop / Mobile
  • React Native
  • Electron
  • Node-Red
  • CLI tools
  • Proton native
But wait, there's more...

I like JavaScript because of the versatility... but I actually like anything front-end related.

That includes using HTML & CSS but also on-page SEO, CI/CD pipelines or other languages such as Flutter / Dart.
When I hear or read some rant about CSS and how bad it is; I can't find myself in the reasoning behind it. I believe CSS is fantastic language.
Call me old school but I like to seperate lay-out from behavior...

The reason I'm still in development after all these years?Adaptability
The development industry is moving at a frantic pace, and developers need to keep on learning & adapting... The fast pace is proof of how the technology is still in its infancy. I'm happy to be growing with technology.